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It costs tens of thousands of dollars to run a football club, even an Amateur club where no players are being paid.  There are affiliation fees to the league, bills such as electricity and water, football, strapping tape and the list goes on.  Sponsorship is one way to keep our head above water, and we have a fantastic and loyal group of sponsors who help us out year in and year out.  We are always on the lookout for new partners though, and believe we provide great benefit for the hard-earned money they give to our Club.


Our players are not paid to be at the OPs.  They are here for the to be with their mates, to play in a top-class environment, and to be around top-class facilities.  Our senior players all pay $360 to be here, and one way to help the club, but also help the players, is to become a player sponsor.  Your generous contribution to the club not only helps us, but also pays for their  annual subs.

Details of both players and club and player sponsorships can be found below


Click on the image to download the Sponsorship Packages brochure



All player sponsorship packages include the following:

  • Club Membership

  • Payment of annual subs for a player

  • Attendance at one or more club lunches (depending on package)

  • Club Rewards card **

Please contact Damian Hannam on 0447 635 198 or

** - Thanks to Greg Schroeders, President of the juniors, we will be launching a new Club Loyalty Card in 2020.  The card can be used at the bar to redeem a free drink as part of the Weyman Club Membership, and will also be used to take advantage of other offers and discounts.  This is a great new initiative and we thank Greg for setting it up for us.

For player sponsors, they will will receive six drinks added to their rewards card each time their player is adjudged best-on-ground

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