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Dear Members, Sponsors, Players and Supporters

Information on this page, includes an overview of what options are available to assist the Club, and also the roles and associated tasked for the proposed new structure of the Club.

Club Management Structure


This is a revised structure that does two things:

Puts in place a new Board of Management involving the Club Executive, the College Principal and the Old Paradians Association. This will strengthen the existing management structure and is aimed at improve planning and decision making; and

Introduces a number of sub-committees that will enable a larger number of people to get involved in doing a range of tasks that have to be performed on a regular basis.

Importantly being on committee or sub-committee can be a lot of fun as well and being very rewarding on a personal level. You meet new people and make new friends and your work is making the club stronger. We are all very proud of our club but it needs people, ideas and energy to make it great.

Club Executive and General Committee vacancies.


At the next club Annual General Meeting on 20 November a number of committee members, including myself will be stepping down from our current roles and these positions will be open to others to fill in the future. If you want our club to remain viable and effective into the future we ask that you seriously consider joining the committee as a member of the Executive or as a General Committee member.

How much time would be involved in being on the committee?


The committee meets once a month for approximately two hours and can be held in person or by phone using conferencing facilities. If there is not a lot of business to discuss then other options including email can be used. The roles are primarily about planning at a high level and then organising others to do the work through the sub-committee structure. The tasks are pretty fundamental and we are able to provide you with any assistance you may need

A General Committee member’s role might include managing a sub-committee and how that happens will be up to that committee member. For example the person coordinating the Social Events sub-committee might hold one meeting of the group to develop a Social Events plan. After that work can be undertaken on specific events using helpers to organise that event e.g. a club lunch. A different group of helpers can be asked to run each of the club events on the Social events plan. How and when that work is done is up to that group of helpers.

Sub Committees.


A good way to get involved. We are seeking people to join a sub-committees. Importantly you do not need to be on the club committee to do this work. Your role is to help plan and organise what needs to be done and recruit other people to help with the tasks that need to be done. This might include getting a small group to undertake a particular set of tasks on a particular day. For example a Game Day Operations sub-committee will plan the range of tasks to be done on Saturday when our teams play their games. The sub committee will set out what those tasks are and develop a roster for the day. Helpers will be asked to nominate to be on that roster one or more times during the season depending on their availability.

Let us know what you are interested in doing to help your club. Our contact numbers are listed below

Mike Jolley
Old Paradians Football Club

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