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Garvey Oval Redevelopment

Dear Old Paradian,

Re: Proposed Frank Mount Social Rooms Redevelopment Garvey Oval

Over the past 2 years the Old Paradians’ Association Amateur Football Club, the Old Paradians’/St Francis of Assisi Cricket Club and Parade College have been working on plans to extend the Frank Mount Social room at the Garvey Oval.

These plans, now approved by the Banyule Council, have been prepared to provide the following benefits to the College and the Clubs that utilize the facility:

• Improved storage facilities for the two sporting clubs;
• Relocation of the current bar behind roller shutters resulting in the facility being more student friendly during the period the sporting clubs are not using the room;
• Increased seating capacity for social functions; and
• New and improved toilet facilities within the Frank Mount room.

The College has agreed to assist in the funding of this project and have agreed to contribute one third of the cost. In addition, the College has agreed that any donation made to the football or cricket club over $500 can be made via the School Building Fund, which will mean the donor will be eligible to claim a tax deduction.

The College has also approved the project proceeding on the basis that the Clubs are owner builders, provided that the project does not take any longer than if it had been contracted to a commercial builder. If in essence this means that if the sporting clubs and College can muster the required support from the pool of many trades people that attended the College or played with both clubs this could significantly reduce the overall project costs. Importantly we already have a builder prepared to back the project under his license.

The two clubs estimate that they may need to raise $200,000 between them to ensure that the project can proceed. We are also of the view that unless they can raise this amount then the project should not proceed as it would leave a huge debt to future committees.


There are a number of pledge options available to the Paradian Community and these include the following:

• A pledge of a fixed amount via the School Building Fund; or

• Purchase of a brick:-

Gold $ 5,001 - $ 10,000
Silver $ 2,001 - $ 5,000
Bronze $ 500 - $ 2,000


The above donations will be recognized on a building plaque.

These pledges will only be called upon if and when sufficient money is promised for the project to proceed.

At the time of writing this letter the Mount Family has already pledged $10,000 towards the project. They have agreed that we can make this known in the hope that it may inspire others to get behind the project.


If you would like to pledge your support, please do so on the form below, and we will contact you for further details.

For any further information, please contact us via the OPAAFC email address at


Yours faithfully,

Mike Jolley                 Gary Hill
President                      President
OPAAFC                        OPSFCC

Your details were sent successfully. We will be in contact soon to discuss your pledge.

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