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Pre Season Training

EfM and OPs are a good fit

EfM Health Club Bundoora.  A new club sponsor helping our players get ready for the year ahead.
Our club is very pleased to announce that we have partnered with a new sponsor, EfM Health Club Bundoora , located on site at the rear of Parade College.  Under this sponsorship arrangement EfM  (a fully equipped gymnasium with a Fitness Coach in every session to guide you through your workout) has  committed to providing our players with  specialist training sessions (including  boxing and interval training sessions) and access to its club facilities. This sponsorship brings significant benefits to our club.  Firstly we are able to diversify the type of training being offered to our playing group removing the need for  players to go off site and to pay for such sessions which has been the case in the past.   Secondly our players are able to supplement their normal training program by accessing a very well equipped gymnasium at Parade College.
Roger Wright the EFM Franchisee and Manager of the Parade College Gymnasium extends a warm welcome to all of our members and supporters who might be considering a local gymnasium membership to give him a call and to take a look at what he has to offer including  a range of tailored programs to meet your individual needs. 
Let’s get behind EfM and show them that we appreciate what they are doing for our club.
Roger Wright
EFM Health Club Bundoora
Onsite at Parade College
1436 Plenty Road Bundoora VIC 3083
P: 0433 200 002   E:   W:

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