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The Old Paradians’ Amateur Football Club Inc. is looking for a panel of Doctors (Medical) to assist the Club on match days. There is an increasing need for Clubs to provide its players with the best advice and treatment of injuries that they can.


In amateur sports, return-to-play decisions after injury are often made by players themselves in consultation with the coach and any rehabilitation professionals to whom players might have had access. In most cases (and this is also true for professional sports), an incorrect return-to-play decision may not have significant long-term health consequences, but may lead to a recurrence of the injury.


This is especially the case with the many soft-tissue injuries that are common in the football codes, where rates of recurrent injury can be as high as 30%.  However, caution is needed if the injury involves a joint — especially a weight-bearing joint — as an inappropriate return-to-play decision can have significant long-term consequences, such as arthritis in the hips and knees. Athletes involved in football codes have been shown to have an incidence of hip arthritis 10 times higher than age-matched controls.

Our Club is looking to establish a panel of Doctors that are prepared to donate their time on a rotation basis on a Saturday and perhaps an hour one night a week. We appreciate that most people are time poor and hope that if we can establish a panel of 6 Doctors this might at least limit the time you would be giving up.

Should you have an interest in assisting us please contact Mike Jolley on 0418321985

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