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Pre Season Training


Ever wonder where that money goes that you pay every year in subs ?  Well there may be some costs in there that will surprise you.  Here's a bit of a run down of the sort of things your cash, and that of our extremely generous sponsors, goes towards...and I've probably forgotten some of them too

Affiliation Fees - If we include a Club XVIII team, our fees for four teams are over $20,000 every year

Insurance - We know you don't get paid to play, and play for the love of it.  As recognition of that, we increase the amount of insurance cover to the highest every year, and also pay nearly $10,000 each year for insurance just to cover loss of income.  These are optional for the Club, but we do that for you.  We can provide the full list of inclusions if you like

Electricity - For the floodlights, lighting the room, the fridges, the heating etc.  As you probably know, power costs aren't going down.

Renovations - Each year we are required to pay a minimum amount to the College for the recent renovations to the rooms.  We do that, and some.

Water - For watering the ground, and the showers etc

Trainers - they do a fine job each and every week.

Strapping tape - This might seem like a small thing, but the cost runs into the many thousands of dollars every year

Ground rental - Yes.  We pay to rent the ground off the College

Footballs - We try to provide the best possible equipment for you, and at $120 a footy, they don't come cheap

Jumpers - in 2018 we are investing in about 50 clash jumpers so you don't have to wear the VAFA ones in our three clash games this season, and seasons to come.  The cost for that is about $2500

There's more I'm sure.


This list is not about making anyone feel guilty, or to justify our charges, because we believe they are just right.  We want to provide the best possible atmosphere and Club for you to achieve your best, and hopefully that will lead to the ultimate success in 2018 and beyond


Damian Hannam


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