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Damian Hannam - Secretary

Hawthorn Amateurs were one of the two teams to get promoted from D3 last year, and like us, have found the going a little tough early on.  It gave us the perfect opportunity to register our first win, as we came up against a team that hadn't quite clicked yet.  One of the many benefits of Ammos footy is the chance to get to play and watch the footy in some great surrounds.  The Hawthorn ground, whilst not having the surface of the Garvey, was a great place to watch the game.  It does have a sizeable slope from north to south though, so much so that even Merv Hughes would have struggled up the hill back in his bowling days.

The Reserves boys will be disappointed in letting another game slip that was there for the taking.  There were a few changes from last week, but the team was more than capable of bringing home the four points in this game.  There was a 2-3 goal breeze down the hill early, and the Hawks took full advantage.  They used the ball better, and when they got within sight of goal, they put them straight through.  By contrast, we mucked around with it when we had the breeze, and it took us 10 minutes to get any reward for effort.  We finally got into the game and it was almost square at the half.  The second half was much like the first where we struggled to hit targets and turned the ball over too much.  We got the margin down to less than two goals after a thunderous soccer volley by Rob McHugh, but Hawthorn were just too good and held on.  We were really no better, and really no worse,  but they just had enough

Anthony Sheehy gets a kick away from the backline

poise when it mattered.  Andrew Cunningham was a welcome return in the backline, and Nathan Bragg was solid in both the ruck and around the ground.  Josh Chessari put his head over the ball time after time, and Elias Abdallah 

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